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Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter NH

2001 Landscape Master Plan
Academic Quadrangle
Abbot Circle

The 2001 Landscape Master Plan for Phillips Exeter Academy rejuvenated a campus whose beauty had eroded over time.  It replaced asphalt with lawns, restored a pedestrian realm at the heart of the campus, and established the campus’s next generation of great trees.

To re-green the campus, the plan proposed to convert driveways to walks and to remove non-essential parking from the central campus. Workshops with the campus community guided the plan and anchored its vision in the realities of campus life.

Based on the success of “early action” projects at Abbot Circle and the Academic Quadrangle, the Academy has moved quickly to implement the Master Plan’s remaining recommendations. Today’s campus is serene, open, and green.



Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.,
Tobias Wolf, project manager and designer

H Plus Inc., environmental graphics
Cline Bettridge Bernstein, lighting design

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